How will new American Companies Impact Worker Safety?

There are many new companies coming into America – now that there are fairer tarrifs and Donald Trump is in charge we are facing a situation where many new companies are either starting or returning to the US. In fact – many Mexican companies – or plants that used to be in Mexico are now moving back to the US.

And this begs the question – just how will safety be affected.

People see safety in many cases as just another expense that a company has to incur – this type of mentality has unfortunately prevailed in the business world – and even among more enlightened leaders.

At the National Clearinghouse for Workers Safety we like to present a different angle. Ask any business owner or executive if they want to pay out hundreds of thousands – if not millions – for worker deaths and the answer will be one that is undoubtably no. However that is exactly the risk that you are putting yourself in when you don’t pay attention to worker and factory safety.

What is most dissapointing is seeing companies fail to put in the most rudimentary safety systems that would not only take very little time to install – but also which are actually not expensive at all.

In fact the simple act of installing safety signs has been shown to decrease accidents by as much as 37% – and how much is a sign – really?

As the manufacturing sector returns to America we must now ask ourselves how we can keep our eyes on the prize – many would even make the argument that in order to be competiive with China we cannot be too focused on safety – however this is the wrong way to look at it – because product quality is very closely related to safety – and in fact it is possible to see how much a factory is focused on safety by looking at the defect rate of their products.

And as you know defects kill a brand – not to mention the waste of resources – especially if your product is valuable – and we’re not even mentioning the returns.

So at the end of the day we would like to encourage all American businesses to continue to pursue the path of ensuring that America continues to be a leader in factory safety.

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